A Simple Guide To Choosing A Great Nail Salon in Jax

When you’re in Jacksonville, you have the urge to slip on to your flip flops and sandals. Of course, this means that you need to get a pedicure. Having a manicure is a great addition, too. Both would help you get a nice boost of self-esteem, and you can easily get them at a nail salon.

Nail salons are every woman’s place for pampering, relaxation and of course, beautiful nails. But, not all nail salons are created equal. Sadly, some nail bars might not be able to give the superb service you’re hoping, and you end up wasting your time. So, how do you accurately choose the best nail salon in Jacksonville, FL?

Here are some guidelines that would help you determine whether you have spotted the perfect salon or not.

Do they observe cleanliness inside the salon?

It’s important before anything else, you and your nail technician must wash your hands. For added protection, it’s better than the one who attends to you is wearing gloves. All the tools that will be used should be disinfected. Don’t be afraid to ask how they sterilize their tools to make sure that they adhere to sanitation policies. Disposable nail files should not be used multiple times and should be new.

What are their packages?

Most salons may provide a price for an all-inclusive service and others may charge a la carte. Make sure that you know what kind of service you’re paying for. Don’t be shy about asking questions or you might be surprised that you’d be paying extra costs.

Is the nail technician concerned with your health or more interested in getting more sales?

Your nail technician should explain in clear details what service is to be done on your nails. If one service your opting to try is not suitable for the current condition of your nails, your technician should advise you with a more efficient one for you. You should be able to receive nail care tips as well and not just the latest promos you mustn’t miss.

It’s imperative that there is an established communication between you and your nail tech.

Is there any strong odor inside the salon?

Some smells can come from the nail products that nail salon uses while an intense one can mean that they may have an inadequate ventilation system. Ask the owner if they have done any steps to minimize any odors or dust in the premise.

Is the salon licensed and is the nail technician certified?

Most states require a license for nail salons, and it should be placed on a spot for all customers to see. Ask for certifications to make sure that you are in the hands of an experienced professional.

Are they using non-toxic nail products?

This is important to know as you would be exposing yourself to chemicals while having a manicure or pedicure. There are some toxic ingredients that you need to avoid, and you can ask your nail technician about the products they are using. For example, a nail polish with formaldehyde will make your nails brittle and easily damaged.

If the nail salon uses organic products, then it’s something worth rejoicing.

Are you in pain during a manicure or pedicure?

Pain is never a good sign as it’s supposed to be a relaxing process. You should expect something that would give a peaceful moment. If you’re bleeding, stop and complain right away.

Having a pedicure and manicure feels best if you’re at a place that you can trust. Just remember these guidelines, and you can easily spot a good nail salon here in Jacksonville.

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